What’s up world, I’m OZ. Thanks for listening to my first song On Lock. This is my first venture into singing from behind these bars and I kinda feel like Kanye singing through the wire except i’m singing through the line, ya know? 

I’m originally from Detroit and have always had a latent talent for singing and writing. Neither of which were fully realized until the courts sat me down with life without parole. Ironic that we find ourselves when we’re the most lost, ain’t it? 

I’m an optimist, though, so i find magic in the ordinary and refuse to do anything less then set a pace to be great even from behind these bars. Look out for my first EP PAIN ON THESE BARS and my first two novels ONE RUN TOO MANY and DRAGON SOUL ACCEPTANCE. Both of which are coming soon.

Shout out to Designed Conviction for getting my first ever song out to the world. My brother Chubb for pushing me to sing in front of people with my shy ass. And my brother Sword for showing me I can set the pace. Shoutout to my lady who supports me everyday.